Security, Blocked Flows (New Portal)

The Blocked Flows screen displays all blocked activity for a specific endpoint or IP addresss. "Flows" describes the traffic to a destination endpoint from all devices with your account.

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To access the Blocked Flows screen, click Security > Blocked Flows in the left navigation menu.

Blocking a Flow

To block a flow:
  1. Click Security in the left navigation menu.
  2. Locate the Destination Endpoints widget.
  3. On the Destination Endpoints widget, click the date when the activity you want to block occurred. This loads the Destination Endpoints screen.
  4. Check the endpoint(s) you want to block.
  5. Click Block Endpoint(s). A confirmation window appears.
  6. Click Confirm Block to block the flow. The blocked activity appears on the Blocked Flows screen.

Note: Once you block an IP address, the block becomes effective within minutes. However, the resulting data does not appear on the Blocked Flows screen until the next day.

Use Case

The following use case describes a flow of events where you may need to block an endpoint.

  1. On the Dashboard, I notice an unsual spike in data usage activity on 4/13.
  2. To investigate, I navigate to the Destination Endpoints widget and click 4/13 to search for any suspicious endpoints.
  3. I sort the Destination Endpoints table by descending Total Data and notice unfamiliar activity.
  4. I select the unfamiliar endpoints and click, Block Endpoint(s).
    The next day, I view the blocked activity by navigating to the Blocked Flows screen.

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