Device Search

The Device Search widget is available at the top right corner of the Dashboard and allows you to quickly access the device information, activity, and diagnostic tools. You can select a device identifier from the drop-down menu, enter the device ID in the text box, and click the search icon. This takes you directly to the Device Diagnostics page for the device you entered.

This search box finds only devices with a status of Provisioned, Billed, or Suspended. If the device is canceled or has never been activated, this search will not find the device.

Note: In some cases, when you enter a device ID, more than one result is displayed in the device list. This is the case for devices with more than one SIM.

When searching for an EID, you can enter the full 32-digit ID or the last 5 digits of the EID.

To search for devices using mutiple criteria, use the Advanced Search box available from the Devices page.

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