Provision Devices

Provisioning is an activity which makes a device available for use on the Aeris's network. Provisioning is necessary for the device (or SIM) to communicate over the network. If your device belongs to a supported carrier network (for example, Verizon) and you need to manage it from AerPort, then you can provision it here to activate it on the supported carrier network.

This option allows you to provision all type of devices, like Global SIM, LTE, Dual-mode, or any other device. You must keep the device identifier handy before provisioning. Below is list of device types and their corresponding device identifier required for provisioning:

  • City SIM: ICCID of the device
  • Dual-Mode A-LH: ICCID of the device
  • Dual-Mode CG: MEID of the device
  • Dual-Mode LC: MEID of the device
  • Fusion Global: ICCID of the device
  • Fusion NA: ICCID of the device
  • Global eSIM: EID of the device
  • Global SIM: ICCID of the device
  • Self-Serve SIM: ICCID of the device

You can contact your operator to fulfill these prerequisites.

The Provision devices screen allows you to specify various device parameters to provision the device. You can use one of the following methods to provision a device:

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