Multiple Device Provisioning

Provisioning a device makes it available for use on the Aeris network. The portal allows you to provision devices in bulk using the options provided on this screen.

Follow these steps to provision multiple devices:

  1. Open the Provision devices screen by selecting the Provision available devices option from the Quicklinks menu.
  2. Select your Account from the Account drop-down list. Most customers have one account and it will be selected already.
  3. Select the device type from the Product drop-down list. If only one product is assigned to your account, the drop-down menu will not be available, and the available product is displayed as read-only text.

Choose Bulk Provision CSV

After the product has been selected, you will be able to provision a single device, or you can provision multiple devices by uploading a text file.

Note: After provisioning a device, it can take up to 60 minutes before current device activity is correctly reflected on the portal and on all reports. This includes activity such as registration events, packet start and stop records. Within the first 60 minutes after provisioning a device, these events may become sidelined and not processed until the midnight GMT after the provisioning event.

Continue with the steps to Provision Multiple Devices.

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