Device Management

Video Overview

The landing screen for the devices tab is the In use sub-tab which shows you a list of all current devices. The STATUS column shows that these devices are in a provisioned, billed, or suspended state. Canceled devices are not displayed, by default, but you can select to view canceled devices by selecting Canceled from the Filter drop-down.

To read more about devices states, click here.

Note: Click + next to ACTIONS to select which columns appear on the screen.

Device Management In Use

This screen provides you with the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Filter devices and select the columns to display on the screen.
  • Edit a device (change the current status of your device, change the rate plan, add custom attributes, or apply a traffic policy).
  • Edit many devices at once by performing a bulk change.
  • Select multiple devices to load on a report.
  • Export device data to a CSV file.

The following video introduces the concept of single and bulk device operations.

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