Device Network Status

There are two sets of information provided on this screen, a brief device summary section and a Diagnostics section.

Device Network Status


The device summary provides a few of the device's IDs as well as the device's current Service Profile name, Allowed APN, and Static or Dynamic IP Address.

  • The IP Address field is based on the type of IP address assigned to the device.
  • If the APN is dynamic, then the IP address is labeled as Dynamic. In this case, the actual IP address is populated only when the device is in a data session.
  • If the APN is static, then the assigned IP address is displayed.
  • There may be one or two Allowed APNs.


The diagnostics section displays the current status of the Aeris Network, and the device's provisioning, registration, and data session status.




Displays the current status of the overall health of the Aeris Network.

Green Status The Network is up.

Red Status Some services are having issues. Specific service statuses are provided on the Dashboard.


Displays your device's current provisioning status.

Green Status Your device is currently provisioned on the Aeris network. Services which are allowed or not allowed on your device are also shown here. 

Red Status Your device is not currently provisioned on the Aeris network.


Displays the device's current registration status, including last registration, last Visitor Location Register (VLR), last Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) location, last authorization, and last Radio Access Type (RAT). Note that these descriptors are not available for all device types. For example, most Fusion Global devices show RAT type, while Dual-Mode A-LH does not.

Green Status Your device is currently registered and has shown recent registration activity on the Aeris network. Timestamps for the last registration event and last de-registration event (if available) are also shown here.

Red Status Your device is not currently registered on the Aeris network. Either the device has never registered before on the network, or the most recent event is a de-registration.

Yellow Status Your device has previously registered on the Aeris network, but there have not been any registration events in the last 48 hours. This status does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem with your device. In the case that your device is fixed or stays in the same cell sector, it does not have to re-register on the network.

Data session

Green Status Your device is currently in a Packet data session. The APN and actual IP address as well as the start and stop times of the most recent packet data sessions are also shown here.

Red Status Your device has never established a Packet data session.

Yellow Status Your device has been able to establish a Packet data session in the past, but is not currently in an active session.

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