Minimum threshold defined

Registration Alert with a minimum count of 1 cellular registration, per hour. An alert will be generated for a device that registers less than one time in one hour. In other words, if the device does not register on the network at least once per hour, the alert will be triggered.

Minimum Threshold

Maximum thresholds defined

Packet data alert with a maximum threshold of 100 KB, per day. Any Packet data that is transmitted to or from a device during the day will be totaled. If the total usage exceeds 100 KB at any point during the day, the device will trigger this alert.

Maximum Threshold

Minimum and maximum threshold defined

Packet Alert with a minimum threshold of 50 KB, or more than 200 KB per day. An alert will be generated for device(s) that transmit less than 50 KB or more than 200 KB of data in one day. In other words, any device(s) that transmit between 50 and 200 KB of data per day will NOT trigger this alert.

Maximum and Minimum Both Thresholds

See also Limitations.

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