Service Status

You can view the network service status by clicking the Network Status icon on the menu bar.

Network Status icon

By clicking the Network Status icon you can view a drop-down list with the status of your services. Only the services that are active in your account are shown.

Network Status drop-down List

When you see the green word "Operational," the service is up and working as expected. A wrench or red icon indicates that a service is currently impaired. Clicking on any service takes you to the Connectivity Service Status page where additional details are available, such as the incident history. Scroll down the page for additional information, such as upcoming Scheduled Maintenance.

Understanding Service Status

The status for each network service will be one of the following:
  • Operational
  • Degraded performance
  • Partial outage
  • Major outage
  • Under maintenance

In addition to service status, the status page provides information about scheduled maintenance at least one month in advance, along with the date, time, and respective timezone so that you can manage your IoT devices accordingly. The page also shows details of any ongoing incidents and lists the past incidents.

Read more about the Connectivity Service Status Page.

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