Provision a Single Device

To provision a single device, ensure that the Single device option is selected on the screen. You will then need to define the remaining fields to provision your device.

Single Device Provision Screen





RAT Type YES The RAT Type is required and available only for Fusion NA devices. Choose from CAT-1+ and CAT-M. CAT-1+ is used for higher throughput LTE devices, CAT-M is used for machine to machine slower throughput LTE devices.

Rate plan


The rate plan is the specific billing plan for your device. The rate plans available for selection are determined during the initial account setup. If the rate plan you select is part of a pool, the device will automatically be added to that pool.



If you are provisioning a Dual-Mode CG or Dual-Mode LC device, enter the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) number. Note that MEID-based devices must always be provisioned using their MEID.

If you are provisioning a Global eSIM device, enter the EID.

If you are provisioning any other type of device, enter the Integrated Circuit Chip ID (ICCID).

Service name


The Service name is used to identify which network services your device will have access to. The service names available for selection are determined during the initial account setup.

Additionally, for Fusion NA, the Service name choices will change based on the RAT Type selected.

Static IP


If your device requires a private static IP address, select the Static IP checkbox. Selecting a private static IP address can only be done by prior arrangement with Aeris, and if a virtual private network (VPN) is used for exchanging the data packets with the customer's data-centers. Additionally, you can provision your device with a static IP only if it is supported by the service name you have selected.

This option is not applicable for Fusion NA and Self-Serve SIM devices.

Device name


This is an optional field that allows you to associate a unique name to your device's profile. The Device name field has a limit of 24 characters.

Initial state


  • The Provision option is used for the initial provisioning, where activation of monthly billing is not yet desired. In the Provision state, the device can be used on the network, but monthly billing does not begin until data or time thresholds are exceeded as per the customer contract, or if the device is manually changed to bill state.
  • The Bill option provisions the device for use on the network and also activates monthly billing.
  • The Reprovision option will provision the device for use on the network using the same MIN or same MSISDN (for Global SIM and LTE) and the same custom attributes as its most recent subscription.
  • If a device is cancelled and then reprovisioned within the same hour, activity on the new subscription may be recorded on the old subscription IDs for the first hour after the reprovisioning.
  • If you are Reprovisioning a Dual-Mode A-LH device, note that any previous custom attributes from its most recent subscription will not be retained.
  • The Reprovision option is not available for Fusion NA devices that have been cancelled for 60 or more days.

Report group number


The report group field can be useful to classify and group devices in reports, for example in end of month billing summaries. A report group can contain up to 10,000 devices and there can be up to 256 unique report groups. The value of a report group cannot be greater than 2147483647. If a report group is not specified, your device will be assigned to group 0 by default.



Specifies the unique reference (IMEI) number of the physical device as provided by the device manufacturer, in which the SIM is installed. For example, you have installed the SIM in a GPS device which is having a unique IMEI number provided by the manufacturer. You can then specify that IMEI number while provisioning the device.

Application type


The application type is an attribute that is used to assist in troubleshooting problematic devices. 

  • Mobile suggests that your device is physically mobile and moves from location to location as part of normal operation. 
  • Fixed suggests that your device does not move from one location to another as part of normal operation, for example, if the device is fixed to a power source.

Device hardware version


This is an optional field that allows you to track your device's hardware version. The hardware version field has a limit of 20 characters.

Device firmware version


This is an optional field that allows you to track your device's firmware version. The firmware version field has a limit of 20 characters.

Current location


This is an optional field that allows you to track your device's current location. The current location field has a limit of 30 characters

Custom 1-5


These are optional fields that allow you to track additional information on your device's profile. The custom attribute fields each have a limit of 64 characters.

Once you have specified each field, click the Provision button.

Provisioning devices on the Fusion NA network is an asynchronous activity, so there may be a delay in seeing the device status update in AerPort.

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