Additional Use Cases

Deregistration Alert for a duration of 30 minutes, per day.

  1. The device de-registers at 10:45 am.
  2. The device does not register again until 12:30 pm.
  3. Per the user's specification, an alert would be generated at 11:15 AM.
  4. Alerts are analyzed at the beginning of each hour, therefore an alert email is sent to the user at 12 PM.
  5. The alert creation time in the notification, however, is set to the user specified trigger time, 11:15 AM.

SwitchHopping alert for 5 occurrences, per day.

  1. The device's OPC determines the switch the device is currently registered on. If a device's registration event has an OPC value different from the value of its last registration event, the device has registered on a different switch and this will be counted as 1 "hop."
  2. The device's hop count is incremented even if it registers back on a switch that it had registered on before the previous event, within the same time period. If the hop count exceeds 5 occurrences in the same day, an alert is generated for this device. 
  3. The hop count is reset at the top of the next time period whether the alert is generated or not.
  4. The first registration event occurring after a time period boundary starts will not cause the hop count to be incremented even if the last switch was different in the previous time window boundary.
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