Create a New API key

To create a new API Key, begin by clicking the Create New button as shown below.

Create API Key

AerPort will display the following settings to create the API Key:

Creat API Key Screen

Define the API key fields as per the descriptions below:



Expiry Date

Click within the expiry date text box and use the pop-up calendar to select the expiry date. The API key will expire at midnight GMT of the selected date.

When the API key expires, it is deleted from your account and no notification is sent.


Enter a unique description to identify the API key


Select ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive.’

  • An ‘Active’ API Key will automatically flip to ‘Inactive’ upon reaching its expiry date
  • An ‘Inactive’ API Key will not be valid for the specified API(s)



Use the checkboxes to select the API(s) the new key will be used for: AerAdmin and/or AerTraffic.

After defining the API key, click the Save button.

AerPort will ask for confirmation before creating the API key; click OK to proceed.

Confirm Create API Key Dialog

Once the new API key is created it will be displayed in the API key list.

New API Key in the List
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