View and Update Your Tickets

To view recent activity on a ticket or update a ticket with additional details, click on the ticket title under the Subject column as shown below.

Click the Support Ticket Id

The following page will be displayed:

View Ticket
  1. Ticket description- The description reported in the original ticket will appear at the top. Additional comments will also be listed under here in chronological order.
  2. Old ticket ID- This comment will display your "old" ticket ID, if applicable. (This is presented due to the fact that tickets migrated from the previous ticketing system were given new ticket IDs in the new system.)
  3. Add details- Here you can CC additional contacts, add comments, or also attach files to the ticket. 
  4. Ticket details - This column will display all details that were reported in the original ticket.
  5. CCs- This will display any users that have been CC'd on the ticket the additional updates will also go to.
  6. Submit a request- This option is here if you would like to open another support ticket.
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