Create User Account

A user account is a combination of email address and password, which allows an individual to access the AerPort portal. If you are the primary user of an account, you must have received an invitation email from Aeris to set up your login credentials. As a primary user, you are the Admin of your account. Admins can invite other users to the account.

Every new user receives an invitation email from Aeris to create their AerPort account. The invitation expires after 7 days.

Follow these steps to create your account.

  1. Click the ACCEPT INVITATION button in the invitation email.

    User Invitation Email

    You are redirected to the Get started with AerPort page.

  2. Enter the following details to sign up:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Password
    4. Verify Password

      User Sign Up Screen
  3. Click the Accept and continue button. AerPort validates whether your password meets the password policy and also that this email address has not been used previously to create an account. After successful validation, AerPort redirects you to the login page. 
  4. Login with your email address and password.

    After successful login, the Dashboard of your account is displayed. See Dashboard for information.

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