Device Info

Identify the devices that should be monitored in the alert. Begin by selecting a category from the Include Devices From drop-down menu. Additional options are then displayed based on the category selected.



Entire Account

All devices in the account will be included in the alert. No additional device information is required.

Rate Plan

Use the Rate Plan drop-down menu to select a specific rate plan. All devices in the selected rate plan will be included in the alert.

Report Group

Enter a valid report group into the Report Group field. All devices in the indicated report group will be included in the alert.

Pool Name

Use the Pool Name drop-down menu to select a specific pool. All devices in the selected pool will be included in the alert.

Specific Devices

Use the Device ID Type drop-down menu to choose a Device ID Type. Then enter the device ID(s) in the text field, one line per device. Up to 100 devices can be specified.


Based on the Device Info field value, the alert threshold criteria gets validated on each applicable device. For example, if you have selected the Entire Account in the Device Info field, all devices provisioned in the account get validated on their individual usage against the threshold value. The usage of all applicable devices does NOT get clubbed.

For more information, see the MyAlerts Video.

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