Invite Other Users

As an Admin user of the portal, you can invite other users to access the portal, manage customer accounts, and perform other related activities.


As an Admin user, the recommendation is to invite at least one user for each role to the master customer account, if not migrated already. This process helps setting up the portal for managing all activities based on assigned roles to each user.

Follow these steps to invite other users:

  1. Login to AerPort.
  2. Click the User Account icon from top-right corner of the menu bar.
  3. Select the Manage Users option from the drop-down menu. The Manage Users screen appears displaying existing users and a search field to filter the user list.

    Manage Users Link
  4. Click Add user button.

    Add User Button
    Note: Before inviting a user, you can also click the Export pending invitations link to download the list of users to whom the invitation is already sent but they have not signed up on the portal.
  5. Specify the email address of the new user and select the appropriate role.

    Update your Profile Information
  6. Click the Invite user button.

The Portal sends an invitation email to the given ID. You can follow the same steps as described in the  Create User Account  section for creating user accounts and access the portal.

If the invited user already has an account on the portal, then they can switch to that account as required. See Manage Accounts for details.

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