What business customers with M2M and IoT deployments need to know is when which services will be turned off, and where, by which carriers. We will say what we can about this, but with a strong cautionary note.

While we have some information derived from sources we believe reputable, such as public notices, statements by the carriers, news articles, and information gathered from various industry sources, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of that information. All carriers emphasize that their network plans are subject to change at any time, so networks in some or all markets may be taken down sooner than anticipated, or may remain in operation longer than expected. While we do have provisions in contracts with our direct carrier partners imposing some obligations on them to notify us of their plans and any changes, they reserve the right to change their minds. Similarly, they do not have perfect insight into what their roaming partners or others in the industry are planning to do.

Accordingly, while we will use our judgment in determining what information is reliable, and while we intend to update the information at our site as we learn of material changes, we do not accept any liability to any party for use of this information if it proves incorrect or out of date. All users are encouraged to confirm the accuracy of this information for themselves.

Carriers are driven by a wide range of business considerations in deciding when to roll out new networks or sunset old ones. These can include internal forces such as capital availability, readiness of internal technology, customer demand, and availability of spectrum to use in rolling out new networks, as well as external factors such as availability of inter-carrier roaming agreements, trends in growth of, and demand for, higher data performance, and network hardware availability. For obvious reasons, carriers treat their network and technology deployment (and sunset) plans, as well as the factors behind them, as confidential information that is not provided publicly until they have confirmed and consolidated plans and activities.


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