Access Data Services on the Aeris Network

End-to-End Connectivity on the Aeris Network

Data traffic from your IoT devices will travel over the Aeris cellular network to the Aeris core network where it will then be routed to your backend IoT application servers. Depending on your requirements and the IP addresses of your IoT application servers, data to your servers is either routed over the internet or over a private connection.

There are 4 methods to connect your data center to the Aeris network.

Aeris Cloud Connect

For customers whose data from their IoT devices resides in their account on Amazon Web Services, Aeris offers an option to securely transfer that data to the Aeris network without the need for VPN.

Using Aeris Cloud Connect, you can set up a seamless mechanism to connect your AWS to the Aeris direct connect gateway in AWS. This is a private connection that you can set up with assistance from Aeris Support. Aeris Cloud Connect is an add-on to the services you receive from Aeris. Please contact your Aeris account manager or sales representative for details on how to deploy this add-on.

The general process to set up this connectivity:

1. Request access by filling out the request form.

2. Aeris processes request within 1-2 business days and provides you with connectivity info and instructions.

3. Follow the instructions on the request form and use the connectivity information provided by Aeris to send Aeris an AWS proposal through the AWS console.

4. Schedule a call with Aeris Support to turn on the service and verify that it works. We estimate it will take 30-45 minutes to verify your service.


If you are migrating to a Direct Connect Gateway in an environment where VPNs are present, there might be up to a 5-minute disruption for all VPN connectivity. This includes any other VPN connectivity that is connected to the same virtual gateway as the current Aeris VPN.


1) Check that your AWS route table has your device subnets. If not, configure static routes or turn on route propagation.

2) Perform a trace route to one of your devices and forward this information to the Aeris support.

3) Please ensure security policies are configured correctly in the VMs and AWS environment.

To Request Access

To request Aeris Cloud Connect access, please download and complete the following form. Once complete, please email the form to As a result, you will receive a ticket number and be notified via email of the status of your request as well as any further instructions that may be required.

Aeris Cloud Connect Form

Public Internet

If your IoT application servers are accessible over the public internet via public IP addresses, you may not need a private connection to the Aeris network. While your data traffic can be routed to your IoT application servers over the internet, you may have other requirements that still warrant the use of a private connection. Please see the sections below for more detail.

Site-to-Site VPN

A site-to-site VPN is a secure semi-permanent private connection from the network where your IoT servers reside to the Aeris core network. A site-to-site VPN provides network initiated data access to your cellular devices as well as access to the Aeris SMSC if using the SMPP protocol.

Do I need a Site-to-Site VPN?

Choose a site-to-site VPN if any of the following statements are true:

  • I need additional security when my data travels over the public internet.
  • My IoT application servers use private IP addresses that are not accessible over the public internet.
  • My IoT application servers sometimes initiate data communications to my IoT devices.
  • My IoT application uses the SMPP protocol to send or receive SMS messages from the Aeris network.

How do I get a Site-to-Site VPN?

To request a site-to-site VPN, fill out the request form and then email it to To download the form, you must first login to AerPort, then navigate to the Site-to-site VPN request form screen.

  1. Login to AerPort
  2. Go to the Quicklinks menu.
  3. Select Download site-to-site VPN form.
  4. Click the button to Download (DOCM).
  5. Complete the form for the Aeris connectivity product type that you are using.
  6. Once complete, email the request form to If you click the Send to Aeris button at the bottom of the form, an email will be drafted for you to send.

As a result, you will receive a ticket number and be notified via email of the status of your request as well as any further instructions that may be required.

Software VPN

A software VPN utilizes a software VPN client installed on your computer to temporarily connect directly to the Aeris network. The software VPN client gives you IP access to your cellular devices and also provides access to the Aeris SMSCs for development purposes. Software VPNs are meant to be used for intermittent access to the Aeris network, typically for testing, troubleshooting, or SMPP development. Software VPNs are not supported as permanent connections for commercial application communications.

Do I need a Software VPN?

You will need a software VPN if either of the following statements are true AND you do not already have access from your PC through a Site-to-Site VPN to the Aeris network.

  • I occasionally need IP access to my cellular devices to initiate data communications for diagnostics or troubleshooting purposes.
  • I am developing SMPP software that connects to the Aeris SMSC for sending or receiving SMS.

How do I get a Software VPN?

To request a software VPN, please download and complete the Software VPN form below and then email the form to As a result, you will receive a ticket number and be notified via email of the status of your request as well as any further instructions that may be required.

Software VPN Form

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