Access AerPort for the First Time

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  • If you already have an AerPort account, use your login credentials to sign into the AerPort portal at
  • If you are accessing AerPort for the first time, see the sections below for detail.

Admin User Login

When your AerPort account was created, your company provided a list of users that needed access. At least one administrative user was added along with any other users that were specified. As a result, an automated email was sent to all initial users inviting them to create their accounts in AerPort. The next video shows how users create their initial account and gain access to AerPort.

Add Additional AerPort Users

The Admin user can add and invite additional users to access the AerPort portal. Watch the following video to see how this is done.

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To get notified about changes in your Connectivity Service Status, you can subscribe to receive updates via email, SMS, or webhook. To subscribe, click Connectivity Service Status Page, Subscribe to Updates.


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