New Feature: Introducing Ava, The Aeris Virtual Assistant

Today, we are excited to introduce Ava, the Aeris Virtual Assistant.


Ava, currently in beta, allows AerPort users with Technical- and Admin-level permissions to request information about their IoT devices, and perform common AerPort commands in an efficient and streamlined fashion.


Today, Ava can execute twelve commands, each listed below, along with a description of the information that Ava will provide, or the action that Ava will take in response to each command. To specify the device ID ({ID}), you may use any of the following: IMSI, ICCID, MIN or Device Profile ID.


Ava will…

set device {ID}

Ava will remember that device ID, making it possible for you to you to issue any of the commands listed below without needing to repeat the device ID.



Ava will forget the remembered device ID and clear the chat.


get device {ID}

Ava will provide device details, including Device Name, Billing Status, IMSI, MSISDN, ICCID, Service Profile, Device Profile ID, Technology, Activation Date, Rate Plan, Pool Name, and other custom fields.


get location {ID}

Ava will share the location (in lat/long) of the cell tower that the device used to open its last data session.

NOTE: Device location will be reported as unavailable if device has not accessed the network within the last 7 days.


status {ID}

Ava will report the device’s current network status, including services blocked, APN details, last registration, and data session details.


get traffic {ID} from {month} {date} {year} to {month} {date} {year}

Ava will show the device’s traffic history for the specified time period, not to be greater than 30 days before the date of the command.


block device {ID} {TypeOfService}

Ava will block the specified type of service to the device. You can specify type of service as voice, SMS, data, or all.


unblock device {ID} {TypeOfService}

Ava will unblock the specified type of service to the device. You can specify type of service as voice, SMS, data, or all.


suspend device {ID}

Ava will move the device from the Active-Billed state to the Suspended state.


unsuspend device {ID}

Ava will move device from Suspended state to the Active-Billed state.


cancel device {ID}

Ava will remove a device from the network.



Ava will cancel the most recent command.




To access Ava, click on the chat icon containing the Aeris Logo on right side of the Aerport navigation bar.  Hovering over the new icon will bring up a hint about the new feature and its capability.


Clicking the icon will bring up a new tab where you can interact with Ava:


To see a list of the commands that Ava responds to (as listed above), type “what can you do?” into the chat.


Aeris uses beta releases to enable our customers to interact with new products or features in a production environment. Our goal is to assess the value of the feature, and to identify ways that the feature can be improved to deliver more value more easily.

Aeris deems beta features and products “ready for release” when those features have been tested to deliver on feature/product requirements defined by Aeris. As such, these features may appear imperfect or only partially complete from a user’s perspective.

Please note that not all beta features will progress to General Availability (GA).



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