Aeris Virtual Assistant (Ava)

What is Ava - An Introduction

Aeris Virtual Assistant (Ava) is a text-based chatbot utility to perform complex and multi-step activities with a single, user-friendly command. It gives a better alternative to perform basic tasks from AerPort, including get device details, cancel a device, suspend a device, and so on.

For example, let’s say you wish to cancel a device using the AerPort portal. You would typically log on to the AerPort portal, search the device, click the options icon, select the cancel command, select the cancel reason, and click the OK button to cancel the device. Ava provides a simpler alternative to accomplish this task. You can simply give the cancel {deviceId} command to Ava and get your device canceled.

Who Can Use Ava

All AerPort users having Admin or Technical role assigned to them can use Ava.

How Can I Access Ava

Ava is integrated with AerPort portal using the SSO (single-sign-on) service. Therefore, you do not require separate credentials or login page to access Ava. You can follow these steps to access Ava:

  1. Logon to the AerPort Portal which is accessible at this link:
  2. To use Ava, click the icon between Network Status and Help on the navigation bar.

    Ava Icon

    Ava opens in a separate tab of the same browser window, with a welcome message:

    Ava Default Screen
  3. Type what can you do? in the command box to get started. Ava displays the supported command list.

Actions Available on Ava

You can perform the following actions related to the device:

  • set device {ID} – to set the context and make requests for a particular device. For example, you want to execute multiple commands on the same device. Then you can set the device Id using this command and can make subsequent requests without specifying the device id.

    Set Device Example
  • get device {ID} – to get device details.
  • status {ID} – to get device network status.
  • block device {ID} {TypeOfService} – to block a certain type of traffic for a device.
  • unblock device {ID} {TypeOfService} – to unblock a certain type of traffic for a device.
  • suspend device {ID} – to move the device from the Active-Billed state to the Suspended state.
  • unsuspend device {ID} – to move the device from Suspended state to Active-Billed state.
  • get location {ID} – to get device's last reported location.
  • get traffic {ID} from {month} {date} {year} to {month} {date} {year} – to get the device traffic report.

You cannot get traffic reports older than a month.

  • cancel device {ID} – to remove a device from the network.
  • stop – to exit in the mid-conversation.
  • refresh – clears the current context as configured using the set device command, clears the existing content from the screen and displays the welcome message.

Ava Support

This is a beta release of Ava and provides an opportunity for real users to test the new feature in the real production environment, with an aim of uncovering any bugs or issues so they can be addressed before a general release.

This product feature is complete from a feature perspective but can have some open outstanding issues.

Beta releases are suitable for limited production use cases, though customers should be aware that this is pre-release software and full, SLA-bound use is not encouraged until General Availability (GA).

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