Network Enhancement: Extended Session Timers for LTE-M

We’ve adjusted network timers to help customers further reduce the energy consumption of their battery-powered devices.

What’s the enhancement?

Specifically, we’ve adjusted the timers to allow devices and applications to request longer IP sessions from the network (now 13 days, up from one hour), reducing the need for devices to “reattach” to the network.

Why is this valuable?

The cumulative energy consumption of reattaches can become significant over the lifetime of a battery-powered device. Adjusting these timers to dramatically reduce the number of reattaches required can have a sizable impact on battery longevity.

Who is it for?

This enhancement will be most useful to Aeris Fusion North America customers using LTE-M to connect battery-powered devices that will be deployed for a long time (1-5 years).

Why is it different?

Extended battery life is one of the key benefits that LTE-M has to offer. Aeris is taking steps to help our LTE-M customers conserve battery power today, while also offering additional innovative capabilities that customers demand (such as real-time visibility into network usage and costs).

How can I take advantage of this feature?  

This enhancement is implemented on the network side, so customers do not need to take any action to take advantage of it.

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