New Feature: Configurable Delivery Window for MT SMS

Why did we make this enhancement?

Aeris connectivity customers may use outbound (“Mobile Terminated” or MT) SMS to send commands (such as configuration updates and shoulder taps) to their IoT devices. But some devices may be hibernating to conserve battery, or otherwise out of range at the time the SMS is sent, resulting in delivery failures. 

What is the enhancement?

To help ensure that all devices successfully receive MT SMS messages, Aeris connectivity customers now have the option to specify a store & forward window (up to 72 hours) for MT SMS messages, increasing the likelihood of successful receipt.

Who is this enhancement for?

This feature is available to Aeris connectivity customers using products that currently have SMS capabilities: Aeris AT&T LTE, Fusion Global, and Global SIM.

How can I take advantage if it?

This enhancement applies to messages sent through the AerFrame2 API. We’ve updated the API to include a new, optional parameter called "ttlInSeconds” that you can use to specify the store & forward window.

Updated documentation is available here.

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