Feature Enhancement: Access Near Real-Time Network Status Information in the AerPort Menu

May 20, 2020

What’s the enhancement? 

You can now find near real-time network status information in AerPort's right-hand menu bar, visible on every page of the connectivity management portal. The new network status indicator links directly to the Aeris Connectivity Service Status page, which:

    • provides real-time information about incidents and scheduled maintenance across all of Aeris network products;
    • provides a historical view of scheduled maintenance and reported incidents; and
    • enables customers to subscribe to receive network status notifications via email, SMS, or webhook.

Why is it valuable?

Aeris is committed to helping you predict, prevent, diagnose and resolve issues anywhere in your connected system. We made this change to make it even easier for you to track scheduled maintenance and, when issues do crop up, to immediately pinpoint and address the root cause.  

Who is it for?  

The new network status indicator in AerPort will only be visible to customers who use the AerPort connectivity management portal (rather than just our APIs) to manage their connectivity. The Aeris Connectivity Service Status page (which the indicator icon connects to) is accessible to all Aeris connectivity customers online at https://caas.status.aeris.net/.

How can I take advantage of this feature? 

For more information about how to use the feature, please view the user guide here.


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