New Resource: Developer Guide for LTE-M Power Management Modes

To make it easier for companies leveraging LTE-M connectivity to maximize the useful life of their battery powered IoT devices, Aeris engineers have conducted extensive testing to determine how to configure power management modes for modules from major manufacturers. 

Today we are documenting that knowledge in a guide for use by your teams. 

The guide – available in the Aeris Support Center here and for download here – provides a brief introduction to the two power management modes that are standard for LTE-M (PSM and eDRX) and provides instructions that developers can follow to configure the modes for cellular modules from major manufacturers such as Quectel, u-blox, and Telit. 

The guide is designed to help firmware and software developers select the best power management mode for their application and enable the chosen mode on their devices. 

Who it’s for: The guide is intended for the technical team evaluating the power consumption of cellular modules to reduce the time required to setup the testing. The guide is best suited for customers creating battery powered IoT devices for applications such as asset tracking, remote patient monitoring, point-of-sale systems, home security, and smart cities. 

Why it’s valuable: The power saving modes of LTE-M can extend device battery life up to 25%. While the modes are standard for LTE-M, they need to be enabled on the cellular module and configuring the modes varies from module manufacturer to manufacturer. The information provided in the guide reduces the time that developers need to spend setting up the power saving modes when evaluating modules from multiple manufacturers. 

Where to find it: The guide is available for download here, and in the Aeris Support Center here.

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