Alert Info for Prepaid Devices

Aeris supports devices that have been prepaid and have a predefined term of use.

The operator that sets up the account for the device specifies the email address and basic alerts that will take place based on % of data or time consumed. For example, if the operator determines that the alert should take place at 60%, then when the data usage and time duration gets to 60%, notification emails are sent (one email for 60% data consumed, and one email for 60% time used).

Prepaid devices are automatically canceled when their allocated data limit is consumed or when their time duration expires, whichever comes first. When the data usage or time duration gets to 100% consumed, an email notification is sent and the device is canceled.

The alerts that are specified by the operator are not visible or configurable in AerPort.

The user of the prepaid device can define their own alerts as well. For example, if the user wants to be alerted when the data or time duration is 98% consumed, they can add a user-defined alert, edit it when desired, or delete it.

To create a user-defined alert, follow the instructions in the following topics:

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