New Feature: Single Payment Rate Plan With Configurable Data and Time Period

Today, we are introducing a new Single Payment Rate Plan for the Aeris Fusion IoT Network. The plan allows customers to define a data allowance to be used over a specified period of time and take care of their connectivity costs in a single, convenient upfront payment.

What it is: The Single Payment Rate Plan allows customer to select up to 180MB/year of data that can be used anywhere from 1 to 10 years. Customers leveraging the rate plan also receive a discount on their data costs.

Who it’s for: The plan is designed to benefit to two different types of customers: 

  1. Customers operating within business models that cannot easily accommodate a recurring monthly cost for cellular connectivity (e.g. manufacturers and companies who sell connected products through distributors).
  2. Customers addressing use cases that require very limited amounts of data (1-5MB/month). 

For these customers, the overhead required to manage a monthly recurring charge for connectivity can create unnecessary operational burden.

Why it’s unique: Unlike most prepaid rate plans on the market, which are completely fixed, sold online, and differentiated only based on price, the Aeris Single Payment Rate Plan allows the customer to configure the rate plan to meet their usage requirements and business model. Customers can select any amount of data to be used over any time period up to 10 years. 

The rate plan provides access to all the capabilities of the Aeris Fusion IoT Network -- the only cellular IoT network offering visibility and control over your entire connected operation, globally and at scale. Fusion enables customers to predict, preempt, detect, diagnose, and resolve issues anywhere in their end-to-end system -- from device, to network, to application.

How to find the rate plan: To learn more about the Single Payment Rate Plan and how it enables customers to deliver the highest possible quality of service, while reducing risk and optimizing costs across their business, contact your Aeris sales representative.

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