Feature Enhancement: Automatic IMEI Capture in AerPort Streamlines Connectivity Management & Troubleshooting

What’s the Enhancement:

Aeris has enhanced AerPort to automatically capture and display each device's IMEI, making it easier for customers to manage and troubleshoot their devices. IMEI auto-capture eliminates errors caused by manual entry and accidental SIM swapping (ie. when a SIM accidentally gets inserted into a different cellular modem than originally planned, either during the manufacturing process or during set up in the field).

How it works:

Aeris’ systems will read the IMEI from the information returned by cellular network data and will automatically populate that information in AerPort, in the device details, activity logs, and device diagnostics screens. Previously customers would need to manually enter the IMEI at the time of provisioning and did not have the option to add the IMEI after provisioning.

Who it’s for:

The feature is available for all devices on the Aeris Fusion IoT Network.

How can I take advantage of this feature?

The IMEI capture is automatically enabled for new AerPort accounts. For existing accounts, this feature can be enabled by contacting your Aeris sales representative.

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