Feature Enhancement: Find the Near Real-Time Location of Devices on the Fusion IoT Network

What’s the Enhancement:

Aeris has added support for customers to retrieve near-real time location information for devices connected to the Aeris Fusion IoT Network. The Aeris location API returns the near-real time location for devices on Fusion via the base station or cell tower ID to which it last connected. If the network is unable to read the location of the device, the API will report the last recorded location within the last 36 hours. If the device has not communicated its location in the last 36 hours, the location information will be empty to ensure that only recent location data is returned.

Why it’s valuable:

As part of the Aeris commitment to providing full visibility into device behavior, the API provides better and faster visibility on where devices are located. This information can help customers:

  1. Identify problems with devices related to their location such as congestion around a cell tower. 
  2. Locate devices when GPS is not available (either because devices are indoors and/or have turned off GPS to conserve battery)
  3. Characterize the geographies where deployed devices are actually used allowing for removal of underutilized locations and improvement of service in areas of higher utilization. 

Who it’s for

The updated API is available to Aeris customers with devices deployed on the Fusion Network. Currently this API does not support deployments in North America.

 How can I take advantage of this feature?

For more information about how to use the feature, please view the documentation here.

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